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In situations like job change or house/city change, you don’t have a choice to go back. So, you stick to it and in the end, you get into your comfort zone again. If you did try switching before and couldn’t stick your new browser, then you might have already experienced it. Patrick Lucas Austin has written a nice article on Lifehacker “Why You should switch from Google Chrome to Firefox“. As we focus on providing the easiest explanation Itunes for an average population to understand, we don’t want to get into technical complexities.

Using Google Chrome browser gives an added advantage to Google for these factors. Let’s look at them in detail in the context of Google Chrome. It’s this information that gives Google its advertising superpower. The data is extremely beneficial for marketers looking for customer insights and targeting people with ads. Online Advertising Infographic provided by Go-Gulf.comBecause Google’ search results’ click-baits are so perfect, even the advertisers trust Google’s Ad Network the most.

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It’s common human nature to resist the change and you are no different. It takes time to match your frequencies with the change and finally accept the change. It happens when we change a job, move into a new house or new city.

In case if you are not logged into your Google Account in Chrome browser itself, as soon as you log in to Gmail or any other Google services e.g. Every time you use Google’s Search, Google places a cookie on your computer. This cookie gives all the information Google needs to track everything about you.

Statistics image by StatcounterWhen it comes to the average population of this world, even people with Privacy Concerns are not able to move away from Google Chrome. Because it’s user-friendliness works best even for those who are not so friendly with computers.

  • Prior to deciding to download Yahoo Firefox, examine the most effective internet explorer according to the characteristics in key traits.
  • This specific internet browser was designed to keep a person safe and sound on the internet with built-in phishing along with viruses security.
  • While most devices come with an internet browser, a variety of free browsers offer a more secure user experience.
  • Yahoo Firefox is just about the very best totally free internet explorer out there.
  • Here’s our ultimate web browser list featuring 10 of the best internet browsers for all platforms, from Windows 10, Mac, and Linux computers to Android devices and iPh ones.

It displays even those websites beautifully, which don’t work properly on any other browser. Almost all the privacy paranoid do not use any of the Google Products. However, in this article we will only focus on why you should stop using Google Chrome, how you can stop using it, what happens when you stop using Google Chrome.

But, if it in your interest to find out more, we have found the top 6 references on the internet to help. Privacy Advocated are discussing privacy issues more than a decade now. Some people have definitely become smarter in using the Internet, so are the trackers like Google. Even though you don’t use Google’s Search, but use Google Chrome, it can still track you everywhere.

Collected information is then linked to your Gmail accounts that you have logged in to. Users can delete these cookies from their computers, but the cookies are updated every time a Google service is used.